August 1, 1982

Danny Lineweaver born.

July 14, 1984

23 month-old Danny strangles on crib post.


Corner post extension limited to 5/8”.

September 1986

The Danny Foundation is formed for crib safety.

September 8, 1987

First Danny Foundation Annual Benefit held at Lineweaver Residence.

May 1987

John Lineweaver first appearance on first national TV program, “Sonya Live” (CNN) to tell his story and talk about the Foundation---and subsequently appeared on dozens of national, regional and local TV and Radio shows and Newspaper and Magazine articles.

September 1987

Based on results found by a Temple University study, new standards for manufacturers were introduced reducing the corner post extension on new cribs.


Corner post extensions limited to 1/16”.

October 1991

Second Chance Thrift Store opened its doors. The Alamo (CA) community welcomed The Danny Foundation’s first Thrift Store, which provided significant revenue to help fund the programs of the Foundation.

November 1992

First “Great American Baby Crib Roundup” held to collect unsafe cribs.

October 3, 1993

Danny dies at age 11.

1994 - 2005

The Infant Crib Safety Act, which bans the manufacture, sale, lease or retrofit of a crib not meeting current safety standards passed in twelve states: CA, WA, CO, AZ, IL, MI, PA, OR, LO, VT, AK, MN

July 1999

National Infant Crib Safety Act introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives by Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher and Senator Dianne Feinstein.


Congresswoman Tauscher introduced, for a sixth time, legislation for a federal crib safety law.

December 31, 2005

The Danny Foundation formally winds-up its' activities, thou its' Hot Line and Website remain active thru 2006. All remaining funds were donated to local child-related charities.

August 14, 2008

Nearly three years after the closure of The Danny Foundation, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was signed into law. Many provisions of the National Infant Crib Safety Act drafted by The Danny Foundation are included, particularly with regard to making it unlawful to utilize or retrofit a baby crib that does not meet current safety standards. Most significantly, the 2008 law greatly increases funding and personnel resources for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in it is hoped that this increased emphasis on child product safety will enable the government to fulfill its rightful role as overseer and protector of child product safety.