• Baby Crib Round-Ups were held to educate the public about problems of older cribs and collect and throw away unsafe cribs.
  • A national toll-fee hotline, 1-800-83 DANNY, was established for interested parties to call, free of charge, and obtain information on crib safety and other related matters. An estimated 15,000 calls were received annually.
  • In 1997, The Foundation launched its website at with over 98,000 hits annually. It remained in service through December 2006, and still provides links to Child Safety organizations which are currently active.
  • The Foundation produced and distributed public service announcements in English and Spanish which had thousands of airings on television and on the radio periodically throughout the United States.
  • The Foundation printed and distributed over 100,000 copies per year (in English and Spanish) of our crib safety checklist and informational brochure, IS YOUR CRIB SAFE?
  • Project Safe Crib, launched in 2003, worked through health agencies and Habitat for Humanity to educate families and caregivers regarding crib safety and provided new “safe cribs” to families in need. The Foundation donated over 1,200 new “safe cribs” to families in California and Arizona. This popular program continues under the auspices of Keeping Babies Safe (
  • Crib Rangers utilized volunteers to monitor and observe thrift stores for dangerous cribs and child products.
  • The Child Safety Survey, a three year project which was completed in 2005, was designed to measure the effectiveness of the California Infant Crib Safety Act.
  • In August 2005, over 10,000 thrift stores nationwide were sent information about unsafe cribs.
  • The Danny Foundation contacted over 50,000 child care providers in California about unsafe cribs by 12/31/05.